International Students Office    

Welcome to our international student department

Our Language Center is home to over 500 students from over 20 countries. Our International Centre for Students is dedicated to assisting students from outside of Malaysia during their time in College. As a member of the Association of English training center in Malaysia, we specialize in developing a positive attitude towards learning, we help students to value English, develop confidence, understand and express themselves in English, develop the cognitive skills necessary for processing information and using it in a variety of purposeful ways, develop an awareness of and respect for business cultures of other nations etc.

Why choose us
    Affordable tuition rates for outstanding programs offered by award-winning faculty.
    Friendly and safe college and community.
    Conducting free trial IELTS tests
    Access to advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities.
    Comprehensive student services designed to help you succeed in meeting your academic, personal, and career goals.
    Teaching English, French and Bahasa the most innovative methods
    Help student get admission to university of their choice in Malaysia.

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